Brief Introduction on Quality Control


      SJZ JINRUN IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD (EVER SHINE GROUP LTD)  sets up the department of quality control specially, which is a well-trained professional quality control team. We have professional ability and services surpassing third-party testing agency. We run according to the standardized inspection and service process. We assure the buyers of carrying out each order successfully.

Process of quality control:

1.Choice of manufacturers

To select the most suitable manufacturer according to the requirements in the buyers' order.

2.Signing contract and placing orders

To sign contract with the manufacturer after confirming the price, to specify the details such as quantity, packing, quality, delivery time and so on .

3.Following up manufacturing :

To follow up every step of manufacturing process and ensure that the quantity, quality, packing and delivery time are in conformity with the requirements of the buyers order and relative international standards.

4.Quality inspection:

To fully inspect the goods after finishing manufacturing, issue survey report and present to the overseas buyer. We ensure that all the products conform to the requirements of the order and relative international standards.

5.Supervision of loading in the port:

To follow up and supervise the goods loaded into containers before shipment, ensure again that the quality, quantity and packing meet the requirements of the order , ensure the goods without any damage during the process of container loading and guarantee the delivery time meets the requirements of the order.